Field Trip to Race Roster with Alex Vander Hoeven

Watch Alex Vander Hoeven tour through the offices of Race Roster located in London, Ontario Canada. With one wing dedicated to sales and marketing and another wing dedicated to front and back-end development, Race Roster HQ exemplifies the spirit, passion, vibe and capability of startup culture.

Connect with Alex’s company on Twitter or on Facebook. Alex can personally be found on Twitter.

BACKGROUND: One of the benefits of having taught for a number of years is that I have ended up with many former students. All of them go on to do great/interesting things and I have been fortunate enough to have remained in touch with some of them. In this “former student field trip” series, I follow a former student of mine as they give me a tour of their place of business or another location associated with their line of work. Ultimately, my favorite part of teaching has always been to watch others succeed as a result of my contribution, however small.