Former Student Interview: Sarah Barran

I am very happy to share with you an interview conducted with a former student of mine, Sarah Barran, UI Designer, Mobile Banking Customer Experience at Scotiabank. I met Sarah when she was a Master of Digital Experience Innovation (MDEI) student in my Principles of Marketing in a Globalized World class at the University of Waterloo campus in Stratford, Ontario Canada. Impressed by her background in new media and her passion for technology and design, I stayed in touch and have watched Sarah prosper over the years.

Due to the wide-ranging number of topics covered in this 25-minute interview, below please find key topics organized by timecode:

0:00:23   Introduction
0:00:54   Background
0:01:36   Getting the job at Scotiabank
0:02:32   Defining User Experience (UX) Design
0:03:16   Working at Scotiabank / team dynamics
0:04:52   Working with project leads, tracking, testing & prototyping
0:07:34   Project flow mechanics
0:09:05   Use Stories
0:10:00   Creativity in banking
0:11:24   Designing for apps, platforms and user bases
0:13:31   Consistencies & inconsistencies across app platforms
0:14:14   Challenges faced and overcome
0:15:50   Minimum Viable Product agile app design & development
0:16:44   The benefits of designers & developers working closely together
0:17:45   The importance of understanding & context in design
0:19:08   Keeping up with constant change
0:20:13   Maintaining a balance between understanding & executing
0:21:13   Three lessons learned
0:23:52   Motivations

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BACKGROUND: One of the benefits of having taught for a number of years is that I have ended up with many former students. All of them go on to do great/interesting things and I have been fortunate enough to have remained in touch with some of them. In this “former student interview” series, I feature their accomplishments and struggles so that others may be inspired or possibly even learn from their trials and tribulations. Ultimately, my favorite part of teaching has always been to watch others succeed as a result of my contribution, however small.