Former Student Interview: Tyler Rochwerg

I am very happy to share with you a wide-ranging interview conducted with Tyler Rochwerg, Associate Brand Manager at Johnson & Johnson Canada. I met Tyler when he was an undergrad Marketing student of mine at the Ivey Business School in London, Ontario Canada. To my surprise and delight, after completing his first semester, Tyler remained a student by enrolling in two of my electives: Design Driven Innovation and New Media Marketing. Impressed by his positive energy, thirst for knowledge and passion for digital media, I stayed in touch and have watched his career blossom over the years. Since attaining his undergraduate degree, Tyler has graciously accepted my invitation to be a guest speaker in one of my MBA classes where his presence was very well received and appreciated.

Due to the wide-ranging number of topics covered in this 30-minute interview, below please find key topics organized by timecode:

0:00:22   Introduction
0:00:45   The role of Associate Brand Manager (ABM) defined
0:01:28   A typical day as a J&J ABM
0:02:25   Working in a cross-functional team
0:04:25   The role that data plays for ABMs in marketing
0:06:00   The challenge of measuring ROI & the benefits of working with Nielsen data
0:07:00   Achieving the true ROI of digital through eCommerce
0:08:20   Using digital to talk to consumers at the moments that matter
0:09:05   Eliminating media waste by better targeting with data
0:10:10   Digital vs. traditional media
0:11:29   Culture of innovation at J&J Canada
0:12:18   Working with outsourced agencies & related industry trends
0:15:13   Example of a recent project: The Listerine Challenge
0:19:04   Campaign planning for campaign tracking based on goals
0:20:10   Industry trends in marketing
0:24:19   Life outside of J&J with influencer marketing
0:26:06   Life outside of J&J with participatory marketing via contests
0:27:05   Coming on down as a contestant on The Price is Right!
0:28:40   Sources of motivation and fuel for passion as a marketer

Connect with Tyler on Twitter or check out his tech blog.

BACKGROUND: One of the benefits of having taught for a number of years is that I have ended up with many former students. All of them go on to do great/interesting things and I have been fortunate enough to have remained in touch with some of them. In this “former student interview” series, I feature their accomplishments and struggles so that others may be inspired or possibly even learn from their trials and tribulations. Ultimately, my favorite part of teaching has always been to watch others succeed as a result of my contribution, however small.